Coronavirus Update

Hi Everyone,
Due to the Coronavirus situation, I’ve decided to suspend face-to-face lessons, however, I will be offering online lessons in their place. If you are happy to receive these lessons, please let me know as soon as possible.

I can deliver the lessons using multiple apps:

  1. Facetime for IOS or Mac users.
  2. Skype for Android users.
  3. Google Hangouts for PC users.

If you would like to test your webcam with me before your lesson, let me know and I’ll connect with you.

Preparing for your Lesson

  1. Let me know what web app you’re using: FaceTime, Skype, Hangouts.
  2. Send me your username so that I can call you on the web app (this is usually your email address).
  3. Turn your device volume up.
  4. Allow your webcam app to access the microphone (the app will usually ask for permission when you start it).
  5. Check that the camera is not covered.
  6. You will have to stop and start the music player on my website yourself – this can be done on the same device you are using as the webcam, but it may be better to play the music on a second device if that is possible.
  7. Be ready five minutes before your lesson time.
  8. Your online lessons will be at the same time as your normal lessons.
  9. Sit in front of your camera, so I can see both of your hands on the guitar (as in the image below):

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