Paul Beaman

Initial Grade

Lesson Time: Thursday

20 Minutes Daily Practice

Lesson Notes

Daily Exercises – 2 Minutes

Practise the exercises every day to the end of the video!

The speed control appears on the bottom-right of the video when it starts playing:
1x = 100%, 0.7x = 70%, etc.

Choose a comfortable speed to start, then see how fast you can go (make sure you keep the playing clean and connected).
Make a note of your progress.

You need to learn the rhythm notation, too. Don’t forget to count the timing. 

Left Hand

  • Keep finger flat and angled slightly back when ascending – mute the strings.
  • Keep pinky close to the fretboard.
  • Thumb in middle of neck and at angle that allows the knuckles to line up under the fretboard.
  • Keep fingers close to frets.
  • Don’t let fingers 2 & 3 collapse – keep them on their fingertips.

Right Hand

  • Alternate picking when appropriate.
  • Mute lower strings when playing higher.
  • Move the hand; don’t reach.

Scales and Chords – 8 minutes

Grade Songs – 10 minutes

100% Speed

Orange Crush 60%
Song 2 60%
Song 3 60%

Music Theory

Guitar Theory

String Names

E       A      D      G      B      E
Thickest String———->Thinnest String
Every Afternoon Dogs Go Barking Everywhere

Notes on the E string

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